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Identity & Logo Design

You have something you want to show the world. A brand Identity and logo is it’s first and very important impression. Whether it is a Logo, a Theme, or a Whole Branding Strategy, I have worked with big and small.

Web Design

You have a great product, an awesome business, or an amazing idea, and it needs a home on the Web. I build Dynamic Websites that make a great impression and are solid on all browsers & devices. WordPress Ninja!

Print & Vector Design

You want something cool.. An awesome T-Shirt, A Flyer for your upcoming event, Some Vinyl graphics, or even a head turning Label or Packaging. I’ve done a lot of that stuff too! Get anything designed to your specifications.

Web Design

I build dynamic websites that look great, promote your brand, and are accessible on all desktop and mobile devices. Integrated Content Management Systems are easy to manage by non-technical staff, allowing your brand to have and maintain an always current, beautifully designed online presence.

Screen-Print Designs

I can design great T-Shirt and Clothing Designs with a keen concept of color and print-process techniques. I can Provide great designs molded to the limitations and process of production

Graphic Design

I offer a wide variety of graphic design services. Whether it be in Bitmap format for the web, or Vector artwork capable of printing anywhere, whether it be a T-Shirt or a Bill Board. I can do print compositions ranging from Stationary, Business Cards, Invitations, Advertisements, banners, and more. I design with a strong sense of concept and attention to detail.

Design & WordPress Consultation

Over the years, I’ve worked some magic with WordPress and built a fine collection of standards compliant HTML/CSS techniques. I can use a cost effective pre-made theme, and configure and set it up for you, and make the appropriate additions and modifications.

Brand & Identity

The building blocks of your identity – I explore, distill, and articulate the things that make your organization unique in order to create a consistent and polished appearance and message throughout your branding. Whether it be a logo, a theme, or framework to branch out from.


An Internet Marketer’s Dream and Best Kept Secret! A Real Designer offering branding packages at the Mini-Site Price! I’ve built Lead Funnels with head-turning graphics, and I’ve built squeeze pages that have gone through stringent conversion testing.


I follow a strict one project at a time rule, which ensures each project gets nothing but my undivided attention. You won’t have to chase after me to see progress. If anything, you might have a hard time keeping up!

Pixel Perfect

I design with a strong sense of concept and attention to detail. I have a knack for finding little intricacies that make my designs stand out in the crowd, and keep my clients coming back for repeat work.


I will not sacrifice the quality of design on any project. All of your projects get the dedication, creativity, and professional skills necessary to make it standout in the online marketplace.


When you hire me to work on your project, I’m working on your project. Start to finish, I will be with you every step of the way. I can provide my own direction, But you are as involved as you want to be.